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‘Stranger Things’ Editors on Coming By the ’80s Homages Organically

CineMontage catches up with Stranger Things editors Kevin Ross and Dean Zimmerman to discuss the duo’s work on the hit summer sci-fi series. Though the show, which takes place in the early ’80s, clearly takes a lot of its cues from ’80s movies like E.T. and Stand by Me, the editors reveal that a lot of those moments came about organically as opposed to purposefully. 

“The show was a love letter to the ’80s, though they never gave us a directive to specifically edit the show with those films in mind,” says Ross. “We were not intentionally mimicking any movie; we approached the material on our own. I cut the scene as I felt it would best be edited. Though you may watch it and say that’s totally the Witness moment, I never intended to match the cutting pattern. Though we have a nice twist: The van flies over the kids on the bikes, not the kids on the bikes who fly as in E.T. Though clearly there are similarities, but we were never told this is the ET moment, this is the Stand by Me moment, etc.”

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