The State of Drone Cinematography

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James Mathers writes on the current state of drone cinematography, including unfolding legal and union issues, in a post on Digital Cinema Society.

He writes, "The technological and commercial promise of this mode of aviation seems boundless.  Amazon talks of delivering packages this way someday soon; you might order a pizza and a UAV makes a beeline, navigating by GPS flying over traffic, right to your door. A low altitude bird’s eye view is now available where it might be too dangerous for a manned vehicle to tread for such applications as fighting fires, military or police operations, search and rescue, toxic emergency evaluation, etc.  As the technology improves and costs come down, many more units have taken to the skies.  They are proving useful for such applications as security, aerial surveys for real estate and agriculture, but of course, my interest pertains to their uses related to Filmmaking, and in particular the class of radio controlled unmanned crafts weighing under 55lbs. However, as with most new technology, a lot of regulatory confusion abounds."

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