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Start-Up Viral Video Network Jukin Media on What Makes Videos Viral

Jukin Media is a start-up company that focuses on finding and creating viral videos for brands. Forbes talks to its CEO Jonathan Skogmo and Chief Development Officer Josh Entman about what they do.

Says Skogmo about identifying viral videos, “We have an incredibly savvy staff that looks for certain elements of a video that make it a good candidate for virality. Nine times out of ten, a video that goes viral is funny, and it has a ‘wow’ moment. People like to share content that will make their friends laugh. So when our team is looking at a piece of content, the first question is always: ‘Would I share this with with my friends?’ Videos with animals in general also seem to strike a chord. We do have some technology behind our discovery and video management process, but it’s really the human element that is most important. Our researchers are Internet and TV veterans. They’ve worked for digital publishers and TV clip shows before joining us.”

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