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Stand Up NY Comedy Club Streams with TriCaster Mini

We just built a studio above the Stand Up NY comedy club so we can create our own content and stream a few podcasts. At first it was audio only, but now we’re also filming the podcast and broadcasting it with NewTek’s TriCaster Mini. I love how quick it makes my work. I use multiple cameras and pump out four hours of video content per day.

The number one thing I like about the TriCaster is that if you have the graphics ready to go, you can put them on and edit even while you’re still filming. It’s all in one place, coming out of the TriCaster and ready to go online. There’s great technical support staff if you have questions, but it’s user-friendly enough that you can set it up even without going through all the instructions and start playing around with it to get an idea of how it operates.

As we come up with new ideas for things to shoot, we can throw the TriCaster Mini in a bag and take it anywhere. I might take it to Times Square or a comedian’s apartment. The opportunities are endless. Eventually we’d like to shoot big comedy events from interesting places—grungy parts of Brooklyn, cool music venues. Not the normal places. With TriCaster Mini, we can actually do that without the expense of a huge crew. We can live-stream in the moment and really use the product to its best potential.

Jonathan Fatigate is the creator of Stand Up NY Labs.