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Soultone Cymbals Creates Gold with JMR Lightning Quad Tower

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Southern California’s Soultone Cymbals recently purchased a JMR Lightning LTNG-XQ-8-DTMP workstation for Apple Mac Pro. The LTNG-XQ-8-DTMP is a four-slot Thunderbolt 2 to PCIe expander with an internal hardware (6Gb SAS) RAID controller, an eight-bay disk RAID array for working storage, and space for a Mac Pro computer.

Iki Levy, the enigmatic musician, recording artist, serial entrepreneur and owner of Soultone Cymbals, explains his purchase decision. “Part of what makes our company so successful is the continuing series of endorsement videos we produce with iconic drummers using our cymbals. We used an iMac/Pro Tools recording system in the past, which was able to ingest and process 16 audio channels. As our business and recording needs grew, we soon needed to process up to 24 audio channels plus video, which required more I/O flexibility, processing performance and storage capacity,” says Levy.

Soultone picked JMR’s quad-slot tower desktop/rackmount workstation after a great deal of research. “The whisper-quiet JMR workstation complements the Mac Pro perfectly, adding an on-board eight-drive RAID subsystem with internal SAS hardware RAID controller, four x16 PCIe expansion slots (for additional plug-in cards), two independent Thunderbolt 2 circuit bridges and quad 20 Gb/s Thunderbolt 2 I/O ports so other compatible Thunderbolt products can be daisy-chained to our tower. It’s like having a Mac Pro on steroids. It’s a completely self-contained working studio with unrivaled performance, enhanced I/O flexibility, added capacity and ruggedness on your desktop.”