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Sorenson Media Partners with Kulabyte on Squeeze Live Cloud Encoding Platform

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, on Feb. 14, Sorenson Media announced a partnership with Kulabyte, an industry leader in live HD and mobile video streaming, to bring the Squeeze Live cloud encoding platform to market. Currently in beta, the solution enables high-volume live video encoding for distribution to any mobile device or computer.

Squeeze Live’s architecture enables the event producer to entirely re-think traditional approaches to live broadcast. With audiences increasingly consuming media on multiple devices at multiple bit rates, adaptive bit rate streaming capability provides a high-quality, reliable, consistent stream, even for challenging bandwidth environments. Preparing multiple renditions previously required additional on-site encoding hardware, bandwidth and infrastructure. Squeeze Live eliminates this wasteful per-event overspending and logistical problem in favor of a flexible, modular, yet comprehensive high-quality live streaming platform.

Squeeze Live provides the ability to seamlessly connect video-on-demand encoding of live streams, ensuring complete event coverage all within a single cloud platform.

“We are delighted to be working with Kulabyte to harness the power of the cloud and produce the most intuitive, scalable and cost-effective live streaming encoding solution ever brought to market,” says Peter Csathy, president and CEO of Sorenson Media. “Squeeze Live is an elegant solution to the stubborn, thorny and expensive problem of encoding and delivering numerous live video outputs. Squeeze Live is driven by a fundamentally new approach shaped by the cloud, with deep collaborative video expertise and rigorous execution. There is nothing else like it in the marketplace.”

Squeeze Live significantly streamlines and optimizes the previously complex, cumbersome and costly process of encoding video for online delivery for live events—including sporting events, awards ceremonies, conferences, breaking news and exposition presentations. The Squeeze Live solution first passes through a live video stream front-end encoder on site. The encoded stream is then sent to the cloud for encoding in real time into multiple formats and bit rates, optimized for playback on TV, desktop or laptop computers, or on a broad range of mobile devices, including Blackberry, iPad and iPhone, and Android. In the final step of this real-time process, multiple renditions of each video profile are delivered to the content delivery network (CDN) of choice for streaming.

“We are pleased and excited to be a part of this collaboration between two undisputed industry leaders with both broad and deep expertise in key strategic areas of online and mobile video,” says Peter Forman, CEO of Kulabyte. “Our live cloud technology represents an architectural breakthrough that is changing the face of the video streaming market, and Sorenson Media’s Squeeze Live represents a combined solution that is unlike anything else in the market today: the most scalable and cost-effective solution for live video encoding, period.”

Primary benefits for Squeeze Live users include:

  • Significantly reduced capital and operating expenditures, including reductions in required equipment, dedicated workforce and other infrastructure.
  • Greatly reduced bandwidth requirements and power consumption—all of the real-time encoding takes place in the cloud, reducing client bandwidth and server requirements and eliminating the need for HVAC equipment/support.
  • Flexible deployment options that eliminate over-purchasing hardware, bandwidth and IT resources; Squeeze Live offers efficient, flexible deployment—all hardware included.
  • Multiple renditions; multiple bit rate files in the most popular formats, including H.264 and Flash.
  • A highly intuitive single dashboard: Once users indicate how many original streams need to be encoded and the number of formats needed per output, Squeeze Live automatically determines server requirements and fully automates provisioning in the cloud.