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Sorenson Media Launches Enhanced Sorenson Media Exchange Web Site

Sorenson Media has announced its newly expanded and enhanced Sorenson Media Exchange Web site, providing a one-stop destination for expert online video support, advice and service.

The site already had become the definitive source for a large and constantly growing library of presets for users of the award-winning Sorenson Squeeze online video encoding software. This collection is constantly being expanded by some of the industry’s most well-respected video encoding experts.

One of them is Robert Reinhardt, a Portland-based digital video workflow expert. His preset offerings cover such applications as QuickTime and Flash and the iPod, iPhone and iPad devices.

“The Sorenson Media Exchange is the fastest way to update Sorenson Squeeze with the latest presets, and it’s the best way to upgrade your Squeeze installation with tested presets that experts use on a day-to-day basis,” Reinhardt said. “As I build my own custom video solutions, I’m ecstatic that I have a venue like the Exchange where I can share my own presets and tap into the expertise of other Squeeze users.”

To that solid foundation, the redesigned Sorenson Media Exchange has added a Discussions section – interactive forums where video professionals, web developers and business owners collaborate in an online destination to provide online video tips, questions and answers, and problem-solving interactions.

“Our new Discussions forums will be a phenomenal resource community for anyone using our products and services,” said David Dudas, Sorenson Media’s vice president of product management. “Along with our top-quality presets and links to information and services from our partners, the Sorenson Media Exchange underscores our role as the recognized expert source for online video while enlisting the creative engineering savvy of our partners and customers.”

The revamped website also features a new Services section to highlight the expertise of such Sorenson Media partners and clients as Corp Shorts Video Productions. The Los Angeles-based company has crews in more than 100 cities nationwide specializing in producing, marketing and distributing professional Internet video shorts for growth-minded businesses.

“With our services and Sorenson Media’s expertise, we are able to provide a one-of-a-kind service. Partnering with Sorenson Media, Corp Shorts is able to provide a total solution, from concept and creation to editing, encoding and online publishing,” said Catherine Gray, chief operating officer of Corp Shorts. “Corp Shorts handles the concept, creation and editing, while Sorenson Media provides the encoding and online media publishing know-how. Together, we provide business owners one convenient avenue for expert assistance and effective video solutions that work to drive new traffic and visitor conversions to boost your SEO and your ROI.”