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Sony F65 Cameras Go to ‘Camp’

Production for the current NBC series Camp uses three Sony F65 cameras: two in a studio configuration, one on a Steadicam.

Rodger Corser as Roger Shepard, Rachel Griffiths as Mackenzie “Mack” Granger in Camp. Photo by Vince Valitutti/NBC

“My approach is to get the best images I can, and this camera really allowed me to explore every shot to its fullest potential,” says DP John Stokes, ACS. “The color spectrum is huge. Until you get to the color suite and you color time in 4K, you don’t have a full idea of what the image really holds.”

With the show’s summer camp theme, the production team wanted a “lush” look that conveyed the feel of the season. “The F65 is a great on-location camera,” he says. “It’s great to use handheld, it loves the sun and it’s very filmic in the way it captures light.”