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Sony Cameras Go the Distance for ‘Closed Course’

Sports media company Whistle Sports recently wrapped production on 10 episodes of Closed Course, a series distributed on Verizon’s millennial-focused platform, go90. “On Closed Course, we used the Sony PXW-FS7 as our A-camera for much of our run-and-gun shooting,” reports cinematographer Dennis Lisberger. “For other or guerilla-style shooting, we knew Sony’s a7S II would get the job done and maintain the look.”

Adds Mike Greenberg, senior creative producer of Whistle Sports, “It was extremely convenient to set both cameras to S-Log3, dial in white balance and move on with framing the best shots.”

Greenberg continues, saying that because much of this production took place outdoors, “we were able to manipulate available light. I was impressed with the range of detail we got in the highlights and shadows. Although the images [from the two cameras] were similar in nature, the robustness of the higher bit rate codec on the FS7 was certainly visible in low light.”

Watch episode 1, “Longboard: Sarajevo,” below.