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Sony AXS-R7 Revolutionizes 4K at Zero Point Zero

Zero Point Zero is a media company committed to making ambitious television, films and editorial. We put story and craft first and see each new day as an opportunity to improve. We are always ahead of the technology curve, and were recently one of the first to shoot X-OCN with Sony’s prototype AXS-R7 recorder and version 8 beta firmware of the F55 camera.

Having just finished a long-form 2K raw project, we knew trying to make 4K raw work on the road would be cost-prohibitive. Then Sony showed us the new X-OCN codec. It’s incredible—16-bits of wonderful crammed into a codec that’s barely bigger than the XAVC we were shooting before. We opted for the lightweight X-OCN LT flavor, since interviews rarely run under an hour and even our 512 GB cards offered us more than two hours of record time.

The AXS-R7 is reliable, secure, easy to use and well integrated with the F55. We didn’t have to waste time cabling, securing, powering and checking signal. It snapped to the back of our cameras and off we went.

X-OCN LT lived up to our hopes, with 14 stops of usable exposure and an ability to dig deep into the S-Gamut3 color space to create a stellar finished picture. The highlights stayed coherent, while shadow kept the detail. It’s not an exaggeration to say this recorder and codec combination is revolutionary for long-form 4K and UHD work.

Chris Faulkner is director of technology and post operations at Zero Point Zero.