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SoftPanels vs. ARRI SkyPanel vs. Kino Flo Celeb

Cinematographer Matt Hayslett has created a comparison video between the SoftPanels LED light, ARRI SkyPanel S60-C, and the Kino Flo Celeb 200.

He writes, “It’s hard to see these results and not come away thinking about how impressive the SoftPanels is. We’re putting it head to head with the industry leading SkyPanel which retails for twice the price. To me, the SoftPanels is a no brainer if color accuracy at all times is critical to you. Not having to spend time in post fixing color casts or skin tone issues means money and time saved. That’s a huge benefit in today’s rushed shooting environments. The built in color meter on the SoftPanels is excellent and like I mentioned earlier, regardless of your dimmer setting, you will always have accurate color. The ability to also match the color temperature of any other light or ambient lighting of your location is a HUGE bonus. At the press of a button (AutoColor) you can balance a location and be ready to shoot without having to use any gels. That to me is mind blowing.”

Watch below.