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SMART Unveils New SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard

SMART Technologies announces the launch of the SMART Board 600 series interactive whiteboard. The 600 series offers larger screen sizes, sophisticated styling, an easily accessed help button, a hardware expansion slot, and new accessories. The 600 series retains all the popular features that made the 500 series users’ favorite for the last seven years: finger-touch control, the SMART pen tray, and the award-winning whiteboard software that is powerful yet easy to use. The 600 series ships with SMART Board software 9.1 and immediately replaces the 500 series.

The new screen sizes are 77in., 64in., and 48in., which makes the series suitable for installation in larger meeting rooms. The SMART pen tray has been redesigned to hold new ergonomic pens and an eraser and incorporates a help button and an expansion slot. The help button gives users quick access to the screen orientation feature and to SMART”s online training and support material. The expansion slot enables the hardware to be upgraded over time. The first expansion accessory is a SystemOn module that provides one-touch start-up of the computer, projector, and SMART Board interactive whiteboard simultaneously.

The SMART Board audio system includes a pair of 15W speakers that enhance the delivery of multimedia content from a variety of sources. The speakers can either be mounted on the interactive whiteboard or to the wall, and volume control and an integrated two-port USB hub are located on the speakers within easy reach. The SMART Board audio system requires only a single USB cable to connect both the speakers and the interactive whiteboard to the computer, simplifying cabling and installation.

“As the undisputed global leader in interactive whiteboards, SMART develops its product line in anticipation of evolving technical standards and in response to customer feedback,” says Nancy Knowlton, SMART’s president and co-CEO. “The SMART Board 600 series interactive whiteboard represents the latest evolution in this product category and will ensure business people are adequately equipped to deliver digital content in presentations, meetings and training sessions for years to come.”

New Features
Larger screen sizes: SMART Board interactive whiteboards are now available in three sizes. The SMART Board 680 interactive whiteboard is 77in., the 660 is 64in., and the 640 is 48in.

Expansion slot: Users can add hardware peripherals to the SMART pen tray.

USB connectivity: As a USB native device, the SMART Board interactive whiteboard is plug and play, allowing for easy integration of USB peripherals and accessories, such as the new USB audio system.

Help button: Located on the pen tray, the help button provides quick access to the screen orientation feature and to SMART”s online training and support material.

New Accessories
SMART Board audio system: The 15W USB speakers can be mounted directly to the interactive whiteboard or to the wall. Volume control and a two-port USB hub are integrated in the speakers.

SystemOn module: The SystemOn module integrates with an expansion slot on the pen tray and connects to the back of the interactive whiteboard, so that when the newly installed SystemOn button is pressed, the computer, projector, and interactive whiteboard are simultaneously switched on.

Updated Accessories
Wireless module: The wireless module operates on the Bluetooth wireless standard and integrates with AirLiner wireless slates.

Floor stand: The floor stand now has improved, easy-to-use height adjustments, increased mobility with larger 4in. heavy-duty, locking casters and stabilizing safety guards that fold up when moving the interactive whiteboard. When down, the safety guards lock in place, flush with the floor.

Pricing and availability
SMART Board 600 series interactive whiteboards are now shipping, complete with new ergonomic pens and eraser, USB cable, wall-mounting brackets and the latest version of SMART Board software for Mac or PC for suggested list prices from $999 to $1,999. The floor stand will begin shipping in October 2005 for suggested list prices from $429 to $499. Starting November 2005, SMART will ship the SMART Board Audio System for a suggested list price of $299, the SystemOn function kit for a suggested list price of $99, and the wireless module for a suggested list price of $199.

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