Sini Anderson Talks 'The Punk Singer'

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Director Sini Anderson talks to Filmmaker Magazine about The Punk Singer, her documentary about Bikini Kill frontwoman and personal friend, Kathleen Hanna.

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She says, "I was pretty shocked to know that [Kathleen] didn’t really have a foundational storyline of what her life is really about. In one of the last scenes in the film she asks, 'What is the story of my life? I have no idea.' I found that pretty shocking. This movie happened because of our friendship and  the thing that was most surprising was that she was coming to some conclusion about her life while we were shooting, so we’d have these uncomfortable silences that would last a few minutes and normally you’d cut the camera off and give her a second and my camerawoman would turn to me and ask, 'Should I stop?' and I’d say, 'No, it’s okay.' We sat in a lot of long silences until she could formulate her thought and put it together and come to a conclusion about something, right there in the moment. I felt like that is really special. I don’t think that’s something we get to see a lot."

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