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Simulcasting with LiveShot and the Family Research Council

The Family Research Council produces a live daily Christian talk radio program that focuses on core issues surrounding faith and freedom. It’s widely syndicated across 200 stations, and we’ve acquired three and a half million listeners across eight major markets. We also do a one-minute daily commentary that is syndicated to 400 stations, and a weekend program that is sent to 250 stations. All of these radio programs are simulcast online with live video so our listeners can watch the program as it progresses.

Comrex LiveShot is our main method of video connectivity for our simulcast. We use it to send video from our remote studio in Baton Rouge to our main studio in Washington, D.C., over a wired internet connection. Before we found LiveShot, we were using a video conferencing tool to live stream our radio shows, which was less than ideal—we were experiencing a high degree of packet loss and lots of connectivity issues. We were among the early adopters of LiveShot, and after installation, the quality of our broadcasts improved dramatically.

Though we originally purchased LiveShot as a live streaming solution, we soon found more uses for it. Recently, we coordinated a remote broadcast from the Supreme Court, as well as a flawless remote from California. We used several combinations of modems and found the connectivity to be excellent.

We’re very happy with LiveShot. Not only has it met all of our expectations, but it’s also opened up new broadcasting opportunities that we previously hadn’t even imagined.

Randy Burt is a senior engineer for the Family Research Council.