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Sid Lee Grows with EditShare

Sid Lee conducts post-editing work in its offices all around the world. To efficiently manage any given project, we need access to all our resources—both human and technical—regardless of geographic location. In 2015, we expanded our postproduction infrastructure, taking project and media sharing across offices to a whole new level.

Nicolas Forest

After evaluating many solutions, we chose EditShare XStream EFS and Flow asset management shared storage servers for the Montreal office, and XStream XT shared storage servers for our remote offices. Having collaborated with EditShare since 2011 with an earlier version of the XStream server, we knew they would understand our challenges and collaborate with us to make our vision come true.

We opted for the new EFS architecture for its reliability. It’s a redundant system that gives us the level of media protection we need. It also allows us to color grade on RED 4K footage over a 10 GB Ethernet connection in real time.

Having Flow as part of the package really helps us manage our footage, from ingest to archiving. With the AirFlow component (private cloud), we can connect to any remote office server, look at the footage and download it locally for our own use. All servers can be synced with our main Montreal server each night.

If you are looking at a centralized infrastructure for postproduction, budget will certainly be an important factor in making your decision. Make sure your supplier understands your needs and that you can build a partnership with them. Remember that you will not simply be using their system; you will become part of any future development and will have an opportunity to drive the way the platform evolves.

Nicolas Forest joined Sid Lee as a technical director in 2010.