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Short Documentary Uses Experimental Film Techniques to Showcase Experimental Projects

To create a profile piece for the Future of Storytelling Conference, director Matt Rutherford got into the spirit of both his subject matter and the venue.

The piece is about Aaron Koblin, head of the Data Arts Team at Google’s Creative Lab, and Rutherford used an experimental 3D technique to shoot the film.

“We shot this using a Xbox Kinect sensor as a 3D recorder with a DSLR setup in parallel on the tripod,” he explains to Splice. “Once you get the alignment correct, you can use it for interviewing someone in a room or a subway, or wherever really. The fantastic part of this is that you can film on a static tripod, but in post you can move the camera around anyway you want to, because you have a full 3D environment. This allows you to experiment and create these amazing camera moves, massive push-ins, pull-outs, and so on. Right now it’s not photo realistic, but I can see this system becoming something very special in the future.”