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Shooting ‘Slumville Sunrise’: Jake Bugg Music Video Captured with Blackmagic Cameras

Shane Meadows directed Jake Bugg’s latest music video, “Slumville Sunrise,” which was shot by director of photography Laurie Rose with Blackmagic’s Cinema Camera and Pocket Cinema Cameras.

Because the song is from Bugg’s second album, Shangri La, Meadows made the decision to show a different side of the artist in the video. “I really wanted to do something that was less ‘cool,’ while still having fun with it,” Meadows says. “The ‘Slumville Sunrise’ lyrics and meaning helped shape the locations, costumes, feel and effects of the video.”

Both the director and musician are from Nottingham, so the town ended up becoming an integral character in the video. “The song’s lyrics talk about Nottingham in a not-so-positive a light,” Meadows admits. “Because of that, we chose a variety of locations to show audiences different aspects of the city. In fact, some of the locations we chose were ones I’d used previously in my films.”

During production, Meadows reports, “Blackmagic’s cameras were unbelievably maneuverable, which meant we could react more quickly to changes in the environment, while also being a little more spontaneous. During set-piece scenarios, we were able to use the two Pocket Cinema Cameras and one Blackmagic Cinema Camera in very tight spaces because they were so small, making coverage and locations easier to handle. This really complemented the fun nature of the shoot as we could chop and change, or grab anything interesting as we went along without worrying about long setups.

“The sensitivity and latitude afforded by the 13 stops of dynamic range on both cameras meant we were able to shoot largely with only incidental lighting or daylight, making the cameras incredibly versatile on location,” Meadows says. “The cameras have great adaptability, latitude and quality. At times [the quality was] too good for this video, so we actually pulled down some of the quality of the images [in post] to achieve the look we wanted.”

Meadows notes that the Super 16-sized sensor on the Pocket Cinema Cameras “gave the project a really raw, documentary feel, which matched Bugg’s costume and the low-key locations, furthering the organic feeling of the video as a whole. At the same time, footage from the Pocket Cinema Cameras was of a quality that could stand up to the Micro Four Thirds sensor of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, which we were using as our primary camera.”