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Shane Hurlbut Puts the RED Dragon Through Its Paces

In preparation for RED’s unveiling of its new Weapon upgrade for its Dragon sensor, cinematographer Shane Hurlbut has posted the first part of an extensive two-part test of the RED Epic Dragon.

He explains. “These tests are the first of a two part series that will dive into getting the best out of this sensor. I will discuss where it breaks and what filters make it shine during the day. I will be shooting with both OLPFs (Optical Low Pass Filters) so that you really get a sense of both and find out which one really speaks to you and your story. We will end with skin tone, which is the epicenter of these tests. We will show you skin tones at all different IRE values. I will share which one I like as well as the Dragon against my camera of choice for two films, the Canon C500, and how its skin tones compare to the Dragon’s.”

Read the full story here.