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Seacrist Media Solutions Receives Long-Term Support with Small Tree

At Seacrist Media Solutions, a small production company located in St. Paul, Minn., equipment decisions are based on performance and ROI. When we needed a shared storage solution to streamline our production workload and improve project management, we looked at a variety of options before determining that Small Tree’s shared storage technology was the best solution for our needs. Six years later, the system is still working flawlessly, so we’re thrilled with the decision.

Specializing in corporate industrial videos, training and product information videos, corporate overviews, and webcasting for clients such as 3M, we required a system that would allow our editing suites to collaborate effectively and would enable HD video to download and stream without getting bogged down. Our team saw an immediate change once the Small Tree system was installed, and we haven’t had any hiccups since then. As a business owner, that type of reliability is rare with technology and provides tremendous peace of mind.

What’s been amazing about the system is how well it handles new applications. Today, we’re running Adobe Creative Cloud across our three editing suites—Creative Cloud wasn’t introduced until after the Small Tree technology was installed—and the shared storage hasn’t skipped a beat. As we continue to look at additional solutions to improve our services and provide even greater value to our clients, knowing that our shared storage unit will handle whatever we throw at it is invaluable.

Scott Seacrist is founder, owner and CEO of Seacrist Media Solutions.