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Sans Digital Offers 8-Bay USB 3.0 JBOD and USB 3.0-eSATA Hardware RAID Towers

The new TowerRAID TR8U+ from Sans Digital is an 8-bay storage enclosure for high capacity storage needs. With a built-in ventilating protective screen front panel, both units utilize a cable-less backplane-design to support up to eight hard drives. Connecting to the USB 3.0 slot for 5Gb/s performance, 8 hard drives can be accessed at the same time using a single USB 3.0 cable. Backwards compatible with USB 2.0, the TR8U+ provides expandable storage with ease. Hard drives are installed on easy access hard drive trays for simple insertion and removal. With support of the latest 3TB hard drives, the TR8U+ is capable of having a total of 24TB in a single tower. Hard drive cooling is provided by a large 4.7” cooling fan located on the back of the unit. Supported in PC, MAC and Linux, the TR8U+ is an ideal solution for your storage needs.

Features include:

• 8-Bay USB 3.0 JBOD Storage.
• Supports eight 3.5-inch SATA hard drives to USB 3.0 interface, using a single USB 3.0 cable.
• Access 8 hard drives individually.
• 8x Removable Hard drive trays for easy installation.
• Compact and stylish 8-bay tower design with protective ventilating cover.

The Sans Digital TowerRAID TR8UT+ is an 8-bay hardware RAID 00/30/50 storage tower that utilizes high performance USB 3.0 and eSATA interfaces to provide over 200MB/s in performance. The included USB 3.0 is backwards compatible with widely available USB 2.0 ports, which is a convenient feature when both USB 3.0 and eSATA connections are unavailable. With built-in RAID 00, 30, 50 and JBOD, the TR8UT+ provides hardware RAID redundancy protection against hard drive failures. The RAID engine is embedded within the enclosure and performs all RAID parity calculation to reduce CPU utilization from the host PC. RAID controller cards are unnecessary.

To satisfy the need for performance demanding applications, the unit is bundled with a 2-port PCIe 2.0 x1 eSATA controller card with SATA 6.0 Gbps (6G) support (RR622 controller card). PCIe 2.0 is capable of providing twice the bandwidth of PCIe 1.0, allowing over 200MB/s in performance. The unit is also backwards compatible with PCIe 1.0 slots to provide eSATA connectivity for computers that do not have built-in eSATA ports. Designed with easy installation in mind, the TR8UT+ allows effortless installation by simply inserting the hard drive tray (with the hard drives installed) after opening the attractive ventilating door. The TR8UT+ is the ultimate RAID storage for all storage needs.

Features include:

• 8-Bay USB 3.0, eSATA Storage.
• Hardware RAID, supporting RAID 00, 30, 50, JBOD.
• Over 200MB/s read and 170MB/s write performance.
• eSATA and USB 3.0 interface.
• Bundled SATA 6.0Gbps PCIe 2.0 x1 controller card, supports PCIe 2.0   with over 200MB/s performance.
• Automatic insertion / removal detection and rebuild.
• Hardware RAID with standard Interface. No extra drivers required.