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Sans Digital Intros New TowerSTOR Series RAIDs

Sans Digital, a leading provider of high performance storage subsystems, is introducing a new TowerSTOR series featuring an abundant array of host connectivity interfaces including the Mac-friendly Firewire 800, high-performance eSATA, and the widely available USB 2.0 interfaces, providing over 200 MB/s* of data transfer rate in a compact elegant silver metallic-finish RAID tower system that is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

The TS5CT is a five-bay tower supporting five 3.5” hard drives, while the TS25CT is a five-bay tower supporting five 2.5” hard drives. Both the TS5CT and TS25CT are embedded with the hardware RAID processors to offload complex RAID algorithm calculations while reducing CPU utilization from the host computer or server. The built-in hardware RAID engine supports RAID 0, 1, 10, 3, or 5, JBOD, and CLONE (N-way Mirror) to provide data protection against potential hard drive failure, and at the same time increases data transfer throughput. Since RAID engine is built-in on both the TS5CT and TS25CT, it eliminates the potential of an in-compatibility between the host computer OS and the RAID controllers as the TS5CT/TS25CT do not require software driver or any additional RAID controller, making them extremely versatile for use with various operating systems such PC, MAC or Linux. The built-in LEDs also provide critical status information regarding the health of the RAID array while the included software RAID monitoring utility provides real-time information of the TowerSTOR RAID system.

Both the TowerSTOR TSCT and TS25CT address the need for a high-performance, versatile and reliable RAID storage tower system as it provides various host connectivity interfaces (Firewire800, USB, eSATA), high capacity (up to 10TB raw) and portability. The TS25CT model also supports SSD (Solid State Drives). SSD offers numerous benefits such as a small foot print, high performance, low noise and resistance to vibrations, as SSD is based on state of the art flash memory technology and does not contain any moving parts. Utilization of the 2.5” SSD along with the TS25CT is highly suitable when used in mobile or industrial applications in comparison to the conventional hard drives.

“With easy to implement external RAID storage expansion and a variety of host interfaces, the new TowerSTOR series combines the best features and attributes from the previous generation products to provide the best value for your data storage dollars spent,” said Stanley Chan, Director of Business Develop of Sans Digital. “The prices of the TS25CT and TS5CT are $699 and $659 respectively.” For more information on the TowerSTOR series, please visit: TowerSTOR.