Rory Kennedy Reflects on Her Very Personal Documentary, 'Ethel'

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Rory Kennedy's documentary Ethel takes on what may be the most personal subject of all: the filmmaker's own mother. Ethel tells the story of Ethel Kennedy, wife to Robert, in her own words and the words of her children.

Says Rory, "I’ve always resisted the idea of doing a documentary about my family, for personal reasons. As you can imagine, being from my family and a documentary filmmaker, there have been various ideas and projects that have come across my desk over the years, and people wanted me to do films on my family, but I’ve always said ‘no.’

"But I think also, I felt that my mother has had such an extraordinary life, and is really a kind of an extraordinary character that very few people have had access to or been exposed to. So I was excited to share her story and I also feel that as a filmmaker, now that I’ve been doing this for 20 years or so and have a body of work, I thought that it was a subject that maybe I could tackle. I think that I probably needed that breadth of experience to even feel like I had any means whatsoever to be able to handle it."

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