Roman Coppola Directs Jason Schwartzman in Quirky, Self-Aware Short Film

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Roman Coppola directs cousin Jason Schwartzman in "Die Again, Undead One," his short film sponsored by W Hotels and Intel. The tongue-in-cheek short features Coppola playing himself (and dropping plugs about his upcoming feature film, Charles Swan).

"Die Again, Undead One" is the the fifth film in the Four Stories series, a filmmaking competition from Coppola, W Hotels and Intel. Watch all four winning films here.

Says Coppola about the experience, "We started this project four months ago. I thought it would be an interesting way to spend some time. I’d never done a short film, except for at NYU. I thought it would be an interesting invitation, I’d get to see some fresh ideas and be involved."

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