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Report from the Field: ARRI’s Amira

Mark McCarthy of Sparky Film has been posting a diary in RedShark News about his time spent with a brand new ARRI Amira. So far, he’s posted three entries. In the first one, he writes, this “is literally the first time we had hands-on experience with the camera outside ARRI’s offices, so we decided to shot and record the images with the camera’s built-in picture profile presets, as opposed to shooting in C-LOG, which we will try later.

“There’s a lot to talk about. There’s that extraordinary sensor, not to mention using it to shoot at 200 frames per second.”

The meet-cute:

In Part 2, the plot thickens. He writes, “We decided to test the camera in an environment we are very familiar with as Sparky Film produce a number of profile/ features of leading sports personalities for our clients involved in the sports arena.

“Armed with a Carl Zeiss CP2 15mm and 50mm lens we set about producing a two minute feature on local martial arts specialist Ben Lettieri.”

See more here:

And the third, and most recent diary entry here brings it all together. “We decided to give ourselves the challenge of producing a short film. We created the story and sourced local acting talent to produce what is quite a challenging screen play in terms of context.” You can go read all about it, see scenes from the shoot, hear how the AMIRA performed and see the resulting short.