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Remote Production: The Future of Live TV?

We examine the latest trends and best practices in the evolving world of home and remote production workflows.

With current events dramatically changing our way of life and the way we work, it can be argued that with the M&E industry’s focus on moving to IP and the cloud over the past decade, broadcasters have been preparing for this moment.

Social distancing and other measures taken to reduce the spread of coronavirus have forced broadcasters to not only “shelter in place” but also “broadcast in place” in their homes or other remote locations. Fortunately, for the vast majority of us, the elements of this change were already in place. Working on laptops from the local Starbucks or interviews over Skype, Google or FaceTime were already popular alternatives prior to the outbreak—now they are the norm.

In our latest ebook, we examine the latest trends and best practices in the evolving world of home and remote production workflows.

“Remote Production: The Future of Live TV?” eBook is available online.

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