'Remand' Records Life in Ugandan Prison with MoVI M10

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Cinematographer John Pope has traditionally employed Freefly’s MoVI M10 for rugged, high-velocity shooting. Remand, a mini-documentary about Uganda’s judicial system, is by far his most intense undertaking. “The M10 three-axis digital camera stabilization system allowed us to go into Uganda’s largest maximum security prison and capture profound cinematic images,” he says. “With a Canon EOS C300 camera and a variety of L-Series zooms and primes, I was able to work quickly with my talented assistant and MōVI tech, Tyson Vanskiver, to acquire intimate images in a sea of bright, vivid yellow and orange uniforms.”

According to Pope, what makes this camera stabilizer so useful is its ability to allow for single, long takes, then to quickly improvise. “It’s small enough to fit in tighter spaces and allows for extremely fast blocking, shot composition and B-roll arrangement,” he says. “I prefer using it in Majestic mode because the framing is more accurate in tight situations, and overall it’s much more fluid, not nearly as mechanical.”

Directed by Andy Reale, Remand exposes the legal issues surrounding the length of time prisoners in Uganda must wait for a trial. “Pepperdine University School of Law has been working closely with the upper judiciary sectors of Uganda to improve time on remand and prison overpopulation,” Pope adds.


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