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Reel FX Delivers ‘Arrival’ 360° Experience

The fully CG 360° experience Reel FX developed for Arrival allows viewers to enter the mysterious alien ship seen in the film. Led by creative director Colin McGreal, the Reel FX team used development models and images from Arrival to develop the visuals for the VR project. McGreal notes that his priority was “to re-create and preserve the elegant design and tone that made the film unique.”

Paramount Pictures provided the team with a library of the ink symbols that were developed as a means of communication in the film. Reel FX then used these elements to composite several moments from the film together, assembling the materials into a dynamic, immersive narrative piece.

Explains McGreal, “Our challenge was to seamlessly weave disparate visual and audio moments of the film into a single experiential journey.”

View the 360° video experience below.