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Redrock microRemote Is a Great Remote Focus for Gimbals

Stabilization gimbals are still relatively new, but they are quickly becoming regular players on motion pictures, television shows and commercials. I worked at Freefly Systems when they introduced the MoVI to the world at the 2013 NAB Show, and I’ve worked first-hand on many of the customer projects you may have seen, with directors such as Oliver Stone, Frank Darabont, Vincent Laforet, Gus Van Sant, Mike Mills and others.

One of the key accessories for a handheld stabilization gimbal is a wireless remote follow focus system to keep focus accurate without touching the gimbal. Enter the Redrock microRemote. It is responsive, has excellent range, and is small and lightweight. Additionally, the microRemote costs a fraction of competing follow focus units. Other brands may offer additional features, but the microRemote is an excellent choice if you need a reliable, lightweight remote focus solution for around $2,500.

One awesome feature of the microRemote is the Fingerwheel Controller, which lets me pull focus on my own. When I’m shooting documentary footage where I’m only going to get one take, I usually can’t wait on another person to pull focus or I’ll miss all the action. Using the Fingerwheel allows me to be a one-man band.

If you’re looking for a solid, lightweight follow focus system at a great value, there really is nothing else in the Redrock microRemote’s class.

Sam Nuttmann is a MoVI operator and cinematographer. Find him online at