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Redrock Micro and Really Right Stuff Team for HDSLR Rigs

Redrock’s rigs for DSLRs now offer option for Really Right Stuff clamps.

Redrock Micro, a  leader in affordable professional-quality cinema accessories, has announced the new microRRS clamp for adapting the Really Right Stuff line of quick release clamps and plates for use with Redrock’s award-winning HDSLR camera rigs.  

The explosion of video-capable DSLR cameras (HDSLR cameras) has resulted in the immense popularity of support rigs from Redrock Micro. Still photographers looking to embrace video have long desired to adapt and use Really Right Stuff, a mainstay in traditional still photography world. Redrock Micro, working in partnership with Really Right Stuff, now offers the microRRS clamp for adapting the Really Right Stuff quick release to Redrock’s award-winning cinema rigs and accessories.

Redrock customers now have a choice of camera mounts for their Redrock rigs: the Redrock DSLR baseplate or the microRRS adapter clamp with Really Right Stuff. The microRRS with Really Right stuff clamps are a great choice for still photographers who want to continue using their Really Right Stuff quick release system, or for high-end cinematographers who demand the ultimate stability in a camera mounting system.

Key advantages of the microRRS clamp include:

• Adapts Really Right Stuff clamps and plates to Redrock’s standards-based support equipment
• Incredibly solid camera support for the most demanding support requirements
• Quick release system for fast camera or lens repositioning
• Camera can be used vertically (advertising and digital signage applications)
• Can be used with either camera or lens support plates
• Uses standard Really Right Stuff clamps and plates
• Completely standards-based solution for maximum compatibility
• Works with virtually all Redrock rigs  

“We’re excited about collaborating with Redrock Micro to build superior video support solutions,” said Joe Johnson, President of Really Right Stuff. “With their experience in video and Really Right Stuff’s patented quick release technology, Redrock Micro and Really Right Stuff are a great team.”

“It’s great to see Redrock integrate Really Right Stuff as an option,” said Vincent Laforet, award-winning director, cinematographer, and photographer. “I have been using both products together for close to a year now — on every single camera mount, tripod and slide mount – even technocranes. Redrock and Really Right Stuff are at the heart of any configuration that I use.”

“Really Right Stuff is extremely well regarded and hugely popular in the photography world today,” said James Hurd, Chief Revolutionary for Redrock Micro. “Our new microRRS clamp really benefits customers by bringing together the best of both worlds for video DSLR rigs and accessories.”

The microRRS clamp is available immediately and is priced at $229. The microRRS can be purchased direct from Redrock Micro at or through one of Redrock Micro’s worldwide authorized resellers. Really Right Stuff quick release clamps and plates are available exclusively from Really Right Stuff direct at