RED Scarlet: The Gateway Drug

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Filmmaker Timur Civan writes a fascinating, in-depth blog post about why he purchased a RED Scarlet-X and why he's never looking back. He also gives his formula for any major camera purchase ("If (Rental Cost) X (#of times used per year) > (1/4) X (Item New Purchase Price), I buy it") and writes about looking an EPIC.

He says, "The RED Scarlet for all its capability, makes you want an EPIC. I will tell you why.  Ever since I got the Scarlet I have not stopped using it.  Photography work, commercials, narrative films, corporate, cine-doc, you name it...there is nothing I've come across that it hasn't been perfect for. That said, there is always that moment when you need just a little more...5K, high Fps, HDRX in all frame rates, lower compression, etc. I came to this realization when shooting some stills for a group of dancers...I shot in 12FPS 5k to get the maximum resolution and quality. The yearning for 48FPS HDRX was great. I think RED has gotten themselves a future EPIC customer."

Read his full post here.