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RED Cameras Capture Red Bull’s Latest Aerial Stunt Video

Red Bull Media House’s “Chain Reaction” is the usual high-octane fare for the extreme sports company–showcasing a series of timed aerial stunts from skydiving to wingsuit flying and more. Director Nicholas Schrunk talks to AbelCine about how he pulled off the impressive shoot.

“We didn’t have much control over light except for shooting time and sun location, and with long takes it was important that we have the widest dynamic range, as we wouldn’t be able to pull stop with cameras strapped to the head of wingsuit athletes,” Schrunk explains. “We ultimately chose RED because of the small form factor and wide dynamic range. The Carbon trim of the EPIC and also the RED Carbon Fiber WEAPON were our main cameras using 4.5 round filters to save on mattebox ergonomics. GoPro and Garmin ViRB were also key components for true POV shots where weight was a concern. The Garmin ViRB cameras were used to pull real-time analytics readouts from the stunts as they would give us speed, distance, g-forces, heart rate, and more.”

Watch the final video and a behind-the-scenes look below.