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Ray Roman Says Yes to Litepanels

Cinematographer Ray Roman is well known for his work documenting high-profile events and weddings, including the $20 million redwood forest nuptials of social media entrepreneur Sean Parker in 2013. Roman says Litepanels has been part of his shoots for as long as he can remember. “Their on-camera lights have been in my case forever,” he notes. “I recently started using the new Astra 1×1, and it is consistent with what I’ve now come to expect from Litepanels. Their whole product line has always been consistently good, their customer service is second to none, and the quality of their products is always outstanding.”

Being as unobtrusive as possible is a big part of Roman’s approach. “With Litepanels, all the fixtures are not only soft and beautiful, but they also give me so much control. I can dim them down, and I can even dial in the color temperature with my bi-color fixtures to fit my needs. The color temperature at the events I cover is all over the place, so having that maximum control is invaluable and allows me to capture some stunning imagery.”

The adaptability of Litepanels LEDs informs Roman’s shooting style. “One of the hallmarks of my work is truly capturing a couple’s reactions. We need to be creative to light our subjects effectively, yet subtly. And with the flexibility and control they give me, Litepanels allows me to do just that.”