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QUALIATIK Learned as She Went to Make Self-Directed Experimental Music Video

Neuroscience student turned electronic musician QUALIATIK self-directs the ambitious, experimental music video for her song “Physicality,” admitting that she didn’t know anything about video production before she took on the task.

“The process of filming was very physically intense and I also didn’t know anything about video production. There were so many weeks spent just sitting and staring at Final Cut Pro until I figured sh** out,” she tells Paper Magazine. “So many moments were made on a whim; really no part of the video was planned…I know what visually speaks to me and when it all comes together it might end up looking like a larger aesthetic. It’s all emotional for me; it’s not branding or taking an aesthetic. It’s really just something that’s super intuitive and emotional. Those colors and those shapes are really what my world feels like.”

Read the full story here. Watch the video below (though be warned that it comes with a seizure warning as it involves some pretty intense strobe effects).