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Promar TV Relies on Blackmagic Tech for Divina Pastora Celebration

The Divina Pastora Procession is a 24-hour religious tradition celebrated in Venezuela every January that can draw as many as four million attendees and garners the country’s largest TV viewing audience. Promar TV, Venezuela’s largest broadcaster, has been producing and broadcasting the event since 1949. Promar TV boasts a cutting-edge infrastructure including 15 Blackmagic Design Teranex 3D Processors and numerous Mini Converters that are used as part of an OB truck for live event productions.

Because Venezuela has not fully adopted HD, Promar TV still broadcasts in SD. For this year’s Divina Pastora Procession, the team captured in HD, managing format conversion using Teranex 3D Processors. The Teranex 3D Processors were additionally used to convert multiple camera feeds coming from different locations along the procession route; these feeds were then aired in different formats on large LED screens. The Teranex 3D Processors also ensured video levels were correct for broadcast.

With journalists reporting live from the event, Promar TV installed portable receivers for each microphone on every camera in order to mitigate potential drops in audio. A Blackmagic Design ATEM Studio Converter brought the video and audio back. The ATEM Studio Converter and fiber cabling allowed Promar TV to manage the cameras from a distance. Leveraging the Blackmagic Design Mini Converter SDI to Audio, the team extracted the embedded audio from the cameras, converted it to analog and used it for the broadcast.

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