Pro Media Conference at GV Expo Spotlight: Video Conferencing in Action: How GW Uses Video in the Classroom

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Introduced at last year’s Government Video Expo, the Pro Media Conference offers the latest information and techniques for those working in government-related media operations. The excellent lineup of presentations will include discussions of new technologies, as well as targeted looks at creating, managing and delivering content for government agencies. Developed with both government-operated and private production organizations in mind, the Pro Media Conference will explore the media needs of government and ways to fulfill those needs.

Just one of our many sessions include:

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Video Conferencing in Action: How GW Uses Video in the Classroom
Presented by Randy Shore, Information Systems Analyst
Thursday, December 5th at 11 AM

In this session, Randy Shore from GW will detail his experience in using high definition video conferencing streaming and recording to educate future art therapists and school counselors. In both of these post-undergraduate fields, students must perform a series of counseling and therapy sessions with patient stand-ins, as well as actual clients in need of care. Supervision and critique was traditionally done via VHS video cameras, then DVDs. Ultimately, they made the switch to video conferencing technology, specifically LifeSize UVC Video Center. The system enabled integration with touch panel controllers and the ability to live stream and view recorded sessions immediately. Using video conferencing, both School Counseling and Art Therapy students conduct therapy and counseling sessions in the clinic, and professors and supervisors can watch it live or on recorded playback.

GV Expo 2013 is taking place on December 3rd-5th at Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC. Register here.



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