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Peerless Ultra-Slim Tilt Wall Mount

Up to 17.5 degrees of downward tilt for optimal screen positioning. Price: $258 (SUT632P for 22in. to 40in. screens); $314 (SUT645P for 32in. to 46in. screens); $337 (SUT660P for 37in. to 55in. screens)

With the latest plasma and LCD screens now manufactured with technology that allows them to be incredibly thin (LG, for example, recently developed what it calls “the world’s thinnest LCD panel” measuring 2.6mm), it makes sense that wall-mounting systems follow suit. Peerless steps up with what it calls the world’s slimmest tilt mount series: Its Ultra-Slim Tilt Wall Mounts take things down to a nearly flush-to-the-wall 17mm fit.

The Chicago-based company also claims that its high-tension torque hinge mechanism speed installations since it provides 5.5in. (140mm) of space between the panel and the wall when fully extended, which enables installers to use both hands for wiring and cable installation. That’s about 3in. more working room in back of the screen when you compare it to typical stands that swing out to hold the bottom of the screen off the wall, according to Peerless.

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