PBS' Independent Lens: New Night, New Host, New Documentaries

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Indiewire talks to Independent Lens' founding producer Lois Vessen about the PBS documentary series' move to Monday night and some of the exciting films that'll be shown this season.

She says, "Our mission is to present filmmakers who are telling stories about communities that don’t traditionally get to tell their stories told, and in an election year that is more critical than ever when so much money is being spent on campaigning. It’s the wealthiest, the people who have the largest megaphone who get to dominate the news cycle, and it's critical in an election year and in every year that the small voices also have a chance to get out there. I think our series, with POV, is committed to making sure those stories get out there every year, every week, and PBS is the perfect home to do that."

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Immersive Digital Experiences Alliance (IDEA) to Create Specifications for Next-Gen Immersive Media, Including Light Field Technology

The Immersive Digital Experiences Alliance (IDEA) will launch at the 2019 NAB Show with the goal of creating a suite of royalty-free specifications that address all immersive media formats, including emerging light field technology. Founding members, including CableLabs®, Light Field Lab Inc, Otoy, and Visby, created IDEA to serve as an alliance of like-minded technology, infrastructure, and creative innovators working to facilitate the development of an end-to-end ecosystem for the capture, distribution, and display of immersive media.


NextRadioTV Deploys Extensive MediorNet Routing Solution From Riedel Communications

NextRadioTV has deployed a large-scale MediorNet real-time signal network from Riedel Communications to serve as the backbone for the broadcaster's brand-new audiovisual infrastructure. The 204-node MediorNet system has been installed in the new NextRadioTV facilities on the Paris campus of the Altice Group, which acquired NextRadioTV in 2016, to support signal distribution, routing, and processing over a single decentralized real-time network.