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PBS’ Ambitious New Period Drama ‘Indian Summers’ Filmed Entirely on Location

Channel 4’s ambitious 10-part miniseries Indian Summers–set to air as part of Masterpiece on PBS in the U.S.–is a dramatic period saga about the last days of British colonialism in India. It was also filmed entirely on location in Penang, Malaysia.

Says Channel 5’s deputy head of drama Beth Willis to Televisual, “We all assumed that we would do some stuff [in Penang] and then come back to the UK to do interiors. But they pulled it off not doing that, and I think it shows. It is so wonderful when you see characters walking through the garden, through a house upstairs, and you follow them looking out of the window and it is the same garden. It is so rare in period dramas these days that you get that, that you donā€™t feel that you are in studio set ā€“ it makes it incredibly cinematic as a result.ā€

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