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Outsight Sky LEDs Light ‘Rogue One’

Cinematographer Greig Fraser, ASC, ACS, relied on Creamsource Sky, a water resistant five-color 1200W LED lighting system from Outsight, for Lucasfilm’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. “Creamsource Sky is so flexible and renders colors amazingly,” says Fraser. “Creamsource Sky produces really great skin tones. That can be a benefit and a curse when having to mix Sky with lights from other manufacturers, so I use a single brand of lighting for each source—one for sky light, one for a window and another for facial lighting.”

For Rogue One, Fraser relied on Sky’s ability to be used in all weather conditions. He found it especially useful for the raining stage shots depicting Eadu, a storm-stricken world and Imperial terraforming operation in the Outer Rim Territories. “We had Sky rigged in the ceiling for weeks while it was ‘raining.’ It’s just amazing that we can do that,” says Fraser.

Fraser first discovered Outsight LED products many years ago while in Sydney shooting a U.S. television commercial for Old Navy, during the very early days of LED lighting. “My gaffer brought in an original 2×1 Creamsource and we were amazed by how much power they had,” says Fraser. “We were so impressed that we bought one head each.”

Fraser now owns his own Creamsource kit. “I have four 2×1 and two 1×1 Creamsource lights in my kit that have just been upgraded to the fourth generation, with new LED boards for better color, more output and higher CRI,” adds Fraser. “Being able to buy these lights as a younger DP meant that I could own and have control of my lighting, without relying on whatever a rental house could provide.”