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OneScreen Helps NatureWindow.tv Reach Nature Lovers on Connected Devices

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Since 2008, HDEnvironments.com, the parent company of NatureWindow.tv, has been delivering high-definition ambient nature programming to American Airlines for its boarding video; Princess Cruises for its giant outdoor screens; and Costco, Walmart, Sam’s Club and Target for in-store video walls that demonstrate the resolution of HD. Our videos have also been distributed on Blu-ray and DVD under the Earthscapes and Living Landscapes brands by Allegro Media Group. We’re now looking forward to bringing NatureWindow.tv to many more screens digitally in partnership with OneScreen’s great development team.

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NatureWindow.tv on Google Play

Needed Reliable Path for Reaching Audiences

As one of the leading producers of travel programs since the early 1990s, HDEnvironments.com has been looking for ways to convey the beauty of the world’s most exotic locations more directly to our audiences. After pioneering Blu-ray on demand and HD-DVD on demand, only to see both formats evaporate, and being one of the first providers for Google Video before Google acquired YouTube, we asked our partners at Google if they could help us find a way to bring our content to multiple screens in the rapidly developing world of web-based high-definition television. A manager from Google TV put us in touch with OneScreen to build our video applications, resulting in a partnership that has been a wonderful experience both for us and our audience.

Our videos are meant to entertain people and help them relax, turning their big screen television sets into windows on nature. With 16 Blu-ray DVDs already on the market, a Roku channel and a subscription web site, the Google TV/Android TV application we developed in cooperation with OneScreen helped us add more digitally relevant channels to our product offerings.

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NatureWindow.tv on Google Play

From the beginning, OneScreen was very receptive to our ideas. They loved our work, and as we already had an idea of what we wanted the app to look and feel like when we approached them, we got started pretty quickly. Together we were able to create a sophisticated video application that looked as beautiful as our nature videos, and allowed users to preview, purchase and watch our videos directly through the application.

Video Venture Was A Joint Effort

OneScreen is a professional organization, and though they let us lead the design, they had invaluable ideas that consistently gave us the level of sophistication that we desired. Their understanding of how apps work, their willingness to push the boundaries on design, and their consistently action-oriented communication let everyone on the team work to their highest capacity. This made our decision-making process smooth and effective.

The NatureWindow.tv Google TV/Android TV app came out so well that it prompted us to redesign our NatureWindow.tv web site to mirror the app, and we look toward providing applications for tablet and mobile phone consumers. Our NatureWindow.tv application is available in the Google Play store for free download.

Suzie Heumann is in charge of digital development at HDEnvironments.com and has previously worked as a video production company manager, location scout and writer. She has also co-produced cultural travel programs and the NatureWindow HD films. She may be contacted at suzie@hdenvironments.com. For additional information, visit OneScreen at www.onescreen.com.



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