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‘Olive Kitteridge’ Director Lisa Cholodenko on Creating a ‘Great Balance of Comedy and Pathos’

Olive Kitteridge director Lisa Cholodenko talks to Indiewire about making the 4-hour HBO miniseries based on a novel by Elizabeth Strout and a screen adaptation by Jane Anderson.

Says Cholodenko, “I just thought it had a great balance of comedy and pathos. And watching the performance with Richard Jenkins and [Frances McDormand] and everybody. Bill Murray and John Gallagher Jr. and everybody who was cast just had some innate ability to juggle those two things and make them come out whole. They’re three dimensional characters. I really feel it’s just one of those lucky strikes. The script is great, the source material is great, the casting is right. So many of the elements were right… It was a delicate tone. It’s hard to describe. But I really felt like it all came together.”

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