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‘Okja’ Producer Choi Dooho Provides a Guided Tour Through the Film’s Creation

"As specific as Director Bong is and exacting in that he knows exactly what he wants, it's not an easy process."

“Part collaborator, part many-armed mover and remover of obstacles, Choi Dooho jumped into the deep end as a producer with 2013’s


, director Bong Joon-ho’s ambitious multinational sci-fi adventure,” explains

Diva Vélez

. “As the founder of Kate Street Picture Company, Choi dives in again with Bong’s beautiful, bold


, and spoke with me about wrangling locations across several countries, an international cast of top stars, a controversial new releasing platform, and a very large CGI pig.”

“There’s clearly things you can’t give your director on any given film, but I think it’s more about looking at different options,” the producer tells Vélez. “As specific as Director Bong is and exacting in that he knows exactly what he wants, it’s not an easy process, but I think he’s also very open to hearing the practicalities of what a certain position may entail. So we talk about it; we talk about what’s most important and what he absolutely must have, as opposed to things that he can be a little bit more flexible on, and we work things out that way.

“So I don’t say no to him, but I don’t say yes to him all the time, either. It’s sort of a process of getting to understand what’s the most key aspects for him and making sure that we have that covered, and then figuring out the smartest way we can get done some of the other things, which posed some challenges.” To read the full interview, click here.