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Now Netflix Uses All Its Data

Netflix is known for its innovative recommendation engine, but a new blog post on the company’s site shows that it uses its enormous amount of data for other purposes as well, including optimizing playback, and assuring the quality of subtitles and even a show’s content.

Explains Gigaom’s Derrick Harris, “The post, written by Netflix ‎director of streaming science and algorithms Nirmal Govind, highlights several areas in which better algorithms could improve the Netflix experience, focusing largely on how to ensure the best-possible playback in any given situation — or, at least, how to ensure users are getting the playback quality they expect. It might be easy enough to find the right theoretical tradeoff between bit rate and rebuffer rates on streaming videos, or to figure out where (geographically) to place which content on the Open Connect content-delivery network, but nothing is that simple in practice.”

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