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‘Nocturnal Animals’ Director Tom Ford on Style vs. Substance

"Making a film, for me, is the closest I will get to being an artist."

Celebrated fashion designer turned filmmaker Tom Ford talks to Vulture about Nocturnal Animals, his second film after 2009’s acclaimed A Single Man, surprisingly revealing that he finds filmmaking more important to him than his work as a designer.

“I’m a commercial fashion designer, I’m about things that sell,” he says. “As [main character] Susan says in the film, I’m too cynical to really be an artist. Making a film, for me, is the closest I will get to being an artist. I don’t do it to live — this sounds spoiled, but I have money that comes from other sources. I do it for passion. I do it because I love it, which is also why I couldn’t work with a studio controlling this. So I am more vulnerable, because when you care about something, you’re going to be vulnerable.”

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