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Zone Out With This Ultra-Serene Music Video

Director Helen Plumb juxtaposes early morning shots of British hillsides, dotted with gentle geometric shapes, with macro shots of colorful bubbles in the music video for Heinali’s “Anthracite.” The result is a nearly perfect 8 minutes of total zen.

The time of day and the stillness of the environment changes the way we see it,” Plumb tells


. “The dramatic chord changes are reflected in the stark and uplifting extremes of the scenes. In contrast to the stillness and quiet there are injections of artificial color and movement. The scenes change from vast slow-moving [land]scapes that give you time to take in the small features: etched man made paths and the rough terrain to macro shots of ink bubbles where color and softness are prevalent. The animated elements are embedded into the scene to frame the space in new ways.”

Watch below and read the full story