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Zeiss Cinemizer OLED Glasses Provide Bird’s-Eye View

Imagine you are looking through the viewfinder in a modern-day camera. That’s how you know where to point your lens. What if the lens just happens to be hundreds of feet in the air? It’s imperative that we have a clear view so we know exactly where we are pointing. Some of us use a smartphone that’s connected to the transmitter of our sUAS (small unmanned aerial system). Some use a tablet for an even larger view. For me, the best view comes from a heads-up display, or HUD.

I’ve tried different HUDs over the years—some ended up being given away, some sold to other enthusiasts. What I have left is all I ever needed: the Zeiss Cinemizer OLED multimedia video glasses. Imagine seeing an unobstructed, HD-quality, 40” view of what a bird sees in flight. Now imagine what my director friends get to see while I get their shot for them.

Perhaps I’m in need of a particular shot of a car rolling down a beautiful highway along the California coastline. I work with my partner on such shots. While one of us pilots the multirotor, the other controls the gimbal that stabilizes the camera and frames the shot in the Zeiss Cinemizers. Be it a sunny day or near sunset, the glasses provide a view that is nothing short of outstanding, showing minute details that a tablet or phone cannot. The Cinemizers are a perfect companion for any aerial photographer.

Barry Blanchard is a DJI Visionary and aerial photography expert.