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Zacuto Recoil Rig Supports Users’ Evolving Needs

The Zacuto Recoil rig with VCT Pro baseplate has been an essential support gear investment for me thanks to its expandable design. As my career has progressed, so have my gear needs. We all have what I call “gear dreams”—I always want a better camera or better lenses, but when I boil things down to what I really need and what my budget allows, that’s when I figure out what gear to invest in.

I’ve been using the Zacuto VCT/Recoil for the past few years. For me, it’s a piece of gear worth investing in. When I was shooting with smaller cameras, the Recoil allowed me to add all the extra things I needed to make a mirrorless camera into a well-balanced shoulder rig. Now that I’m shooting with bigger cameras, that same Recoil still delivers benefits for me. My cameras may have changed, but my essential support gear has not.

The Recoil has grown with my needs—this is a huge deal! It’s saved me money and I can still convert just about any camera package I rent or own into a well-balanced rig. This not only works for handheld but for tripod work as well. On my most recent shoot, my client was impressed by the design of the Recoil and how mobile it was. I use the Recoil as the basis of building my rig when using an EasyRig as well. The versatility is where it’s at with the Recoil.

Chris Weatherly (@chrisweatherly) is a director at Wavelength Films.