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yU+co Revisits Yesterday for ‘Tomorrowland’

Presenting the future as imagined by visionaries from the past, yU+co‘s end title sequence for Tomorrowland draws on sources ranging from Jules Verne to The Jetsons. “We found inspiration in many visions of the future,” says yU+co creative director Garson Yu. “In every era, there have been dreamers who project future worlds.”

“Thematically, the title sequence, like the movie, is about optimism and a positive belief in the future,” adds yU+co concept designer Edwin Baker. “It’s a statement of confidence that innovation and technology can improve the world.”

To create the sequence, research of archival drawings, architecture, art objects and photographs was followed by months of design and animation production. The sequence was animated in 3D and delivered in 4K in Dolby’s new EDR (Extended Dynamic Range) format.