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Wowza and LearnCore Help Companies Polish Their Skills

One of the most important investments companies can make is in training their teams. The challenge is making training sessions approachable, engaging and impactful. At LearnCore, we are transforming the face of corporate skill development and turning everyday employees into top performers—one video at a time.

Our cloud-based learning platform relies on Wowza Streaming Engine to deliver on-demand and live video for training, role-playing and sharing best practices. LearnCore clients create curriculum and assessments for employees to certify their knowledge, practice their presentation skills and even demonstrate how to pitch the latest sales deck. With Wowza, employees are able to record responses to role-playing challenges and capture video of themselves giving presentations and meeting with clients. Learners can then watch the video on demand, critique themselves, record additional attempts or submit the video to colleagues and mangers for scoring, coaching and feedback.

This active skill building makes training more impactful and more feasible for globally dispersed companies. While most learners watch the streams on a computer, they are also able to view streams on a mobile device or tablet within a browser. Future plans for LearnCore include a mobile application.

“Within Wowza Streaming Engine, we have the ability to load balance at an application level. This feature enables our video streaming workflow to handle concurrent users without sacrificing quality. We know that it will work, so we can focus our attention on how to provide more value for our customers.”

Ethan Linkner is chief operating officer and co-founder of LearnCore.