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The World’s Movie Cameras Have All Quietly Stopped Production of Film Cameras

TechCrunch reports that with ARRI, Panavision and Aaton all stopping production on their film cameras, the death knell for 35mm filmmaking grows ever nearer. They say, “Practically speaking, there has been pressure for years on these film
camera companies to switch entirely to digital, and a few things finally
put them past the point of no return. While they have been doing good
business in a way, the number of productions using film has been
steadily declining, and the need for new film cameras hasn’t been strong
in years. They’re phenomenally expensive, for one thing; even major
production houses tend to only have a couple on hand or rent from a
partner. Panavision and the others have been tweaking and repairing
these cameras for a long time, but selling very, very few.”

Read their full article here.